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Antique Caucasian Talish Long Rug, 19th Century

Antique Caucasian Talish Long Rug, 19th Century
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  • Dimensions: 3'3'' x 7'2'' (99 x 217 cm)
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A classical antique Talish long rug from late 19th century from the Caspian coast of South East Azerbaijan. Talish rugs are named after the tribe that live in this territory and weave rugs with this distinctive style and design that generally features long, narrow fields, wide borders and circular floral forms.

This lovely Talish is in well-preserved condition and features a diagonal arrangement of multicolored stars on a terracotta red field, all surrounded by a wide, clear ivory border of large rosettes alternating with spinning pin-wheels. All wool construction and deeply saturated natural dyes are typical of rugs from this region, as is this one. This beautiful antique Talish can be a truly wonderful and striking addition to either traditional or contemporary settings as well as to serious Caucasian rug collections.

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