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Antique Ivory Turkish Oushak Rug, circa 1900

Antique Ivory Turkish Oushak Rug, circa 1900
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  • Dimensions: 9'7'' x 13'3'' (290 x 402 cm)
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An exquisite Antique Turkish Oushak rug with a palette of warm, saturated, layered colors.

One of the most pleasing features of this rug is its overall glowing and luminous look. This lovely luminosity is created by skillfully rendered gradations between earthy tones of sand, beige and sepia as well as softly and gently drawn edges of subtle, ethereal motifs that fade into the background beautifully as if under a dreamy haze.

This gorgeous rug invites curiosity each time one looks at it. Its soft, saturated pinks and delicate grays bring into focus a rich and varied garden of dainty floral motifs including carnations, rosebuds and daisies. These motifs fill the areas in and around a medallion, whose edges are ever so slightly defined and accentuated by angular movements of leaf motifs that can also be seen in the four spandrels and the border.

This stunning Oushak rug is a one-of-a-kind piece of great craftsmanship that would elevate the look of any interior with its luminous, warm and ethereal beauty. It is made of superb quality wool, sturdy, clean and in well-preserved condition.

Country Of Origin
Country Of OriginTurkey
TypeArea Rug

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