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Exquisite Vintage Floral Design Anatolian Rug in Soft Colors

Exquisite Vintage Floral Design Anatolian Rug in Soft Colors
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  • Dimensions: 8'5'' x 11' (255 x 333 cm)
  • Stock Number: C518
  • Weight: 18.68kg
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An exquisite Anatolia rug from central Turkey with elaborate design, lush colors and very fine weaving.

This finely-woven rug features masterful gradations of gentle, earthy tones of beige, sand, green and brown lending depth and softness to the background. The use of lovely tones of baby pink and baby blue accentuates the centers and edges of mid-sized rosette motifs that are spread all-over the field in alternating rows with bigger and smaller centre patterns in darker and lighter hues. The perfect alignment of these beautiful rosettes, some in full, some in half-bloom, bring a sense of playful movement to this gorgeous Kayseri.

The overall effect of the rug becomes that of beautiful colors that almost glow from a distance, while up close, the cleverly and skillfully drawn patterns come into focus.

The rug is made of wool pile on cotton foundation, in well-preserved condition and professionally cleaned.

Its superior execution of colors, extremely fine weaving and soft texture make this rug a wonder to look at and certainly the centerpiece of any interior it will be brought into.

Country Of Origin
Country Of OriginTurkey
MaterialWool and Cotton
TypeArea Rug

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