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Hand Embroidered Bedspread, Vintage Suzani Tapestry, Uzbek Throw

Hand Embroidered Bedspread, Vintage Suzani Tapestry, Uzbek Throw
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  • Dimensions: 5'3'' x 7'7'' (160 x 230 cm)
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Suzani, a Central Asian term for a specific type of needlework, is also the broader name for the hugely popular decorative pieces of textile that feature this needlework in vivid colors with bold, expressive floral and botanical designs, natural materials and superior craftsmanship.

Their design, motifs and techniques vary depending on the region they come from. Chain, satin and buttonhole stitches are frequently used. The resulting look is a timeless one that delights the senses. 

A wide range of Suzani-style embroidered textiles were traditionally made by Uzbek women to be used as wall hangings, bed covers, screens, wrapping cloths, table covers and prayer mats in their homes and their children’s future homes after marriage. 

Today, a Suzani can be as versatile as you’d like it to be. With its soft, natural texture, it can be used and enjoyed in many ways as a wall hanging, bed cover, sofa spread, table cover, curtain and screen etc..It is a great decorative item that will bring a pop of color as well as a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home and can easily be blended with a variety of interior decor styles.

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