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Large Sought-After Antique Shirvan Rug circa 1875

Large Sought-After Antique Shirvan Rug circa 1875
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  • Dimensions: 5'4'' x 11' (162 x 335 cm)
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A rare, connoisseur-caliber antique Shirvan from the late 19th century when these magnificent rugs ceased to be produced. A much sought-after piece of superb craftsmanship and timeless artistic expression with very rich colors, extremely well-detailed and symbol-filled style, fine weave, high knot count, excellent condition and large size.

This highly decorative Shirvan has layers upon layers of stylistic richness that all come together in a gorgeous display of balance and symmetry. Powerful tribal symbols, subtle and sometimes quirky details create a stunning all-over complex pattern that is not always found in many other rugs from the Caucasian region.

The rug features stacked lozenges, which is a common feature of Shirvans, each with its own strap work border in beautiful detail and ornate central burdock motifs in alternating colors of yellow, red, sage green, beige and madder. These gorgeous lozenges are set against the dark indigo field filled with a tri-layered band of tri-colored squares in red, black and white that feature pips like dice creating an effect of lozenge-shaped ripples. The rest of the field is filled with distinctively separated and colored burdock motifs as well as whimsically drawn animal and human forms. The beautiful deep red bands at either end of the field with their less busy fishbone and burdock motifs in a decidedly pared down color palette of white and blue bring even more brightness and individuality to the overall pattern.

Multiple sets of ornamental borders are all individually styled and they are a quite well-emphasized component of the overall style also due to the typically long and relatively narrow size of Shirvan.

With its great condition, high knot count, supple and fine weave, organic wool material, immensely rich and deep colors made from organic vegetable dyes and mind-blowing stylistic complexity, this Shirvan is a rare piece of treasure that will continue to stand the test of time and fascinate viewers with its extremely unique charm.

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