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Outstanding Antique Eastern Rug

Outstanding Antique Eastern Rug
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  • Dimensions: 11'9'' x 15'9'' (358 x 480 cm)
  • Stock Number: 2610, ZIEGLER MAHAL
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This outstanding late-19th century Eastern Ziegler Mahal rug features an overall design of palmettes and rosettes drawn in a way to create a sense of flow and movement across the field. The delicate, undulating lines of petals and stems rendered in the soft, natural, earthy hues of terracotta, light green, camel, ivory as well as a beautifully abrashed, serene sapphire blue are all the more accentuated on the deep indigo of the field. The terracotta border is itself quite bold and remarkable with its busy, eye-catching design of richly colored rosettes, palmettes and foliate motifs and rather than quietly framing and adding depth to the dramatic field, it intensifies the rug's energy. This is a high-impact rug with excellent condition, soft wool pile and features natural dyes.

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