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Handmade Bessarabian Kilim, Vintage Rug. Pictorial Tapestry. All Wool

Handmade Bessarabian Kilim, Vintage Rug. Pictorial Tapestry. All Wool
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  • Dimensions: 5'7'' x 7'3'' (170 x 220 cm)
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One of a kind vintage Bessarabian Kilim. A handwoven Eastern European Rug from Moldova. These traditional Moldovan flat-weaves are inspired from vintage Aubusson carpets but they are distinguished with their black grounds, large floral patterns in vivid colors and use as wall decoration and covering as well as area rugs. The flowers represented on these floral rugs are all those that grow in Moldova: lilies of the valley, tulips, chamomile, bells, geraniums, sunflowers and especially roses of all colors. This 100% Wool floor covering is handwoven in the flat-weave technique with interlocking warps that creates a smooth blending of the motifs/patterns. Both sides of the rug are identical and can be used. It is sturdy and suitable for use in heavy traffic areas, ideal for both residential and commercial interiors. Washed professionally and as clean as a brand new rug. An appropriate rug pad is recommended to be used with flat-weave rugs for extra comfort, thickness and protection from wear, tear and slipping. We supply a wide range of rug-pads for all sorts of handmade rugs and carpets.


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