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Stock Number: 2610, ZIEGLER MAHAL Dimensions: 11'9'' x 15'9''
This outstanding late-19th century Eastern Ziegler Mahal rug features an overall design of palmettes and rosettes drawn in a way to create a sense of ..
Ex Tax:$10,500.00
Stock Number: A84 Dimensions: 5'7'' x 13'6''
A splendid antique Kilim flat-woven rug from Central Anatolia in excellent condition. Traditionally the rug is finely handwoven in two panels and conn..
Ex Tax:$5,500.00
Stock Number: 4588 Dimensions: 10' x 12'2''
This magnificent Heriz offers a remarkably distinctive composition of exuberant patterns rendered in most brilliant, powerful colors. Its surprisingly..
Ex Tax:$7,200.00
Stock Number: D842 Dimensions: 9'3'' x 16'
Click Here For Super High Resolution Image..
Ex Tax:$8,250.00
Stock Number: PINWHEEL1 Dimensions: 5'6'' x 7'2''
Rare antique Caucasian pinwheel Kazak rug in well preserved condition.Provenance: A private collection in the UK.Please inquire for more info.Click He..
Ex Tax:$27,500.00
Stock Number: D5
This listing is for a one of a kind Patchwork rug in your choice of design and color combination, handmade in our atelier located in an ancient rug ma..
Ex Tax:$239.00
Stock Number: A218 Dimensions: 7'6'' x 10'4''
This is a Vintage Handmade (Hand-knotted) Turkish Rug, deep-washed and then re-dyed (overdyed) with EU approved textile dyes.It is very durable and ca..
Ex Tax:$768.47
Stock Number: A215-B Dimensions: 5'7'' x 9'
This exquisite South Caucasian Kazak rug features a central medallion rendered in a serene dark sea green layered with contrasting tones of madder and..
Ex Tax:$9,400.00
Stock Number: A113 Dimensions: 5'4'' x 11'
A rare, connoisseur-caliber antique Shirvan from the late 19th century when these magnificent rugs ceased to be produced. A much sought-after piece of..
Ex Tax:$13,500.00
Stock Number: A114-B Dimensions: 5'3'' x 12'
A highly collectible, magnificent Afshan-Kuba rug from circa 1800. One of a family of distinguished rugs that were woven in the Northern Caucasus on c..
Ex Tax:$15,500.00

Antique Rugs

Stock Number: KARAPINAR130 Dimensions: 5'4'' x 12'8''
Click Here For Super High Resolution Image..
Ex Tax:$2,750.00
Stock Number: A132-B Dimensions: 3' x 6'8''
 Antique Caucasian Daghestan RugClick Here For Super High-Resolution Image..
Ex Tax:$3,850.00
Stock Number: 513 Dimensions: 4'5'' x 7'3''
Antique Caucasian Gendje Kazak Rug with diagonal stripes decorated with Botehs and other attractive small design elements and with a red border depict..
Ex Tax:$3,200.00
Stock Number: A33 Dimensions: 4' x 6'8''
Click Here For Super High Resolution Image..
Ex Tax:$3,200.00
Stock Number: A4 Dimensions: 4'2'' x 7'9''
Click Here For Super High Resolution Image..
Ex Tax:$5,500.00
Stock Number: KK546 Dimensions: 9' x 12'3''
A modern flat-weave rug with minimal design. Handwoven by female artisans in a rural village workshop in Eastern Turkey under the supervision and with..
Ex Tax:$2,156.11
Stock Number: Y104 Dimensions: 3'6'' x 5'5''
 Vintage Central Anatolian Prayer Rug from Sille depicting a mosque decorated with Ramadan candle lights, inscription reads: Mevlana (Rumi, https..
Ex Tax:$475.00
Stock Number: SILK-1 Dimensions: 6'7'' x 10'
100% Silk Hereke Rug..
Ex Tax:$22,500.00
Stock Number: SILK-2 Dimensions: 7'3'' x 11'
100% Silk Kayseri Rug..
Ex Tax:$22,000.00
Stock Number: 2854 Dimensions: 10' x 14'6''
Ex Tax:$3,621.82
Stock Number: 3069 Dimensions: 8' x 11'4''
Ex Tax:$2,273.72
Stock Number: 867 Dimensions: 2'6'' x 17'
Ex Tax:$819.37
Stock Number: 887 Dimensions: 2' x 26'3''
Ex Tax:$997.60
Stock Number: A162 Dimensions: 4' x 5'
Ex Tax:$1,459.00
Stock Number: A164 Dimensions: 4' x 6'7''
Ex Tax:$549.00
Stock Number: A166 Dimensions: 4' x 6'
Ex Tax:$499.00
Stock Number: A307 Dimensions: 4'2'' x 7'2''
Ex Tax:$744.75
Stock Number: A354 Dimensions: 6'2'' x 9'5''
Ex Tax:$1,443.70
Stock Number: A363 Dimensions: 6'6'' x 10'
Ex Tax:$1,613.35
Stock Number: A368 Dimensions: 5'3'' x 8'
Ex Tax:$1,028.55
Stock Number: A387 Dimensions: 7'5'' x 11'
Ex Tax:$1,988.45
Stock Number: A389 Dimensions: 5' x 10'3''
Ex Tax:$1,233.74
Stock Number: A394 Dimensions: 4' x 6'5''
Ex Tax:$349.00
Stock Number: A397 Dimensions: 8'4'' x 12'
Ex Tax:$2,450.05

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