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Our twice deep-washed handmade vintage Turkish rugs that are in good condition, with distinct, impressive design and striking colors are not given any further adjustments. 

They are laid out in the expansive backyard of our workshop under the scorching summer sun and left there for as long as a month to achieve in a completely natural way a more pastel palette and a much sought after antiquated look. 

All this time, these rugs are closely watched and sprinkled everyday with a bit of water to help with the fading process. 

Once the long wait is over, the rugs are sent to dusting tumblers to knock any dust out of them. After the tumbling, they are brought inside and our team studies each rug carefully to see if there remains anything to fix, like fraying in selvages, small holes etc. Deft hands take care of the necessary repairs in a way as to be invisible creating an end-product that is both flawless and sturdy and ready to enliven any interiors.

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