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Return Policy

Going to buy any rugs through online can be little tough before making the ability to touch and feel the quality of the rug. Such type of problems mainly people face while they want to buy the original Oriental or Turkish rugs where the quality is in high demand.

Rug Specialist cares for their each and every customer and aware about such concern of the customers. So, you can get a 14 day risk free in home trial on each and every rug that is being sold. However, we know that you will definitely love your rug when you see it but still if, for any reason, you are unhappy with the purchase of rugs, then you can return the same as we are providing a full 14 days money back guarantee. The customer service team at Rug Specialist Online takes care of the customers until the business ensures that the customers are fully satisfied with the products.

If you have decided upon to return an item then you need to pay the shipping charges in order to return the rug. Once the rugs are received in the warehouse, we will refund full money within a span of 24 to 48 hours.

To return any rug, you need to follow the steps:

  1. Contact us within 14 days of receiving the rug.
  2. Choose any of the below options to return the rugs. *
  3. Provide us the full details of the rugs including order number, rugs type, size and your phone number/email id.
  4. Once we get the returning request from you, our helpline team will contact you through phone or mail.
  5. Follow the information provided by our team in the mail or through call to return the rug.

* There are two options to return the rugs:

First, arrange for return shipping at your own expense.

Second, request a call tag and the business will arrange for picking up of the package.

Arrange for return shipping at one’s own expense

If you choose to arrange for return shipping at your own expense then you may obtain your return authorization. You can obtain such return authorization by emailing to [email protected]. You can also call our customer service.

You can use the services of shipping companies like FedEx, UPS for returning the rugs.

Request a Call tag

If you choose to request for a call tag then you need to have the rug wrapped, folded and packaged properly so that it is ready to be picked.  Once the call tag is made, the FedEx comes with 24-48 hours in order to pick the package. If you want a replacement, then we send the new rug after receiving the older one. The return and exchange policy is quite quick and easy. And most importantly, so far as the refund policy on rugs are concerned, all the refunds are done within 48 hours from the day the business receives the rug in the warehouse.