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Antique Caucasian Seychour Runner Rug, 19th Century

Antique Caucasian Seychour Runner Rug, 19th Century
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  • Dimensions: 3'8'' x 11'6'' (110 x 350 cm)
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A beautifully preserved antique Seychour rug, from a highly sought after family of rugs from the Kuba region of Azerbaijan, hand-knotted in the 19th century. It features prominent, elaborate St Andrews crosses across its field, which is a distinctive design element of Seychours, each framing a diamond-shaped arrangement of intricately detailed and vividly colored palmettes and floral motifs in deep salmon pink, tomato red, bumblebee yellow, emerald green and sapphire blue against a deep navy blue background. The colors are all natural dyes that develop an even more attractive patina with age. The overall kaleidoscopic look of the design is energetic and lively. 

The contrast of colors between the inner and outer borders create a definitive and playful sense of finish for the viewers’ eyes. The indented, symmetrical motifs of the outer border elevates the rug’s playful sophistication.

The rug is finely hand-knotted with even medium wool pile on wool foundation. It is in very good condition and professionally cleaned. 

Size: 3'8'' x 11’6''

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