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Banded Nomadic Turkish Flat-Woven Kilim Rug

Banded Nomadic Turkish Flat-Woven Kilim Rug
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  • Dimensions: 5'6'' x 10'3'' (167 x 311 cm)
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This authentic multifunctional handwoven flat-weave Kilim from Central Turkey was made in mid-20th century by Nomads to be used as a floor covering, bed/bedding cover and a curtain to divide their goat hair tents into two compartments.

This vintage utilitarian nomadic Kilim were made to use for everyday life rather than re-sale and export market and today they are very popular in interior design world for their simple, Minimalist designs and affordable prices.

It is getting harder to find them, especially in good condition to be used for many more decades. This particular one is in very good condition and it is charming with the little colorful cotton embroideries on it.

MaterialWool and Cotton

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