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Central Asian Suzani Textile. Embroidered Cotton & Silk Bed Cover, Wall Hanging

Central Asian Suzani Textile. Embroidered Cotton & Silk Bed Cover, Wall Hanging
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In the most technical sense of the word, "Suzani," in Central Asia and Iran, means needle and is used to describe this type of needlework, but to most people, such as decorators or collectors, the word has a more visual meaning. In most people's minds, a "Suzani" is associated with the wonderful silk embroideries of Uzbekistan, in Central Asia.

In the 19th century, Uzbek women working together in groups and produced a wide range of amazing embroidered textiles, wall hangings, bed covers, wrapping cloths, table covers and prayer mats for their households and for their daughters' dowries. The process began with home spun, hand loomed cotton cloth, woven on narrow looms. Up to six cotton panels would be sewn together to create a large cloth, and then using a graphite or charcoal stylus, the outlines of their designs would be drawn directly onto the cotton. Most designs were regional, with minor variations, and can be attributed to specific areas based on the motifs and the techniques used. Chain, satin and buttonhole stitches are used, as is couching.

The colors, all rendered in silk, are vivid and natural. On the wall, this textile has a soft, yet monumental presence that speaks volumes about another place, time and era.

This fine embroidery can be used as a wall-hanging, bed cover, sofa spread, table color, screen etc.

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MaterialCotton and Silk

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