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Colorful Vintage Turkish Kilim, Flat-Weave Wool Rug

Colorful Vintage Turkish Kilim, Flat-Weave Wool Rug
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  • Dimensions: 5'5'' x 8'6'' (163 x 257 cm)
  • Stock Number: D801
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A colorful vintage Turkish Kilim. A flat-weave rug made of wool in excellent condition.

This captivating Kilim features stepped diamond patterns nestled within each other, free-floating all-over the field in varying sizes and beautiful, rich, contrasting colors including energetic pink, warm mint green, soothing aqua green and subtle lilac. The deep, rich red brick field has an abrashed effect to it and beautifully sets off the bright and varied hues of the diamond patterns. The eggplant colored border features smaller star forms in a similarly rich and stimulating variety of colors.

Bursting with bold lines and vivid colors, this eccentric Kilim has an irresistible magnetism and would bring great energy and a welcome sense of playfulness into your interiors.


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