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Fine Pure Silk Turkish Hereke Rug. Investment Quality Work of Floor Art

Fine Pure Silk Turkish Hereke Rug. Investment Quality Work of Floor Art
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  • Dimensions: 6'7'' x 10' (200 x 305 cm)
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An exquisitely elegant silk Hereke rug with what is known as a ‘garden design’, featuring an overall vignette pattern. Each vignette depicts impeccably drawn delicate potted flowers in blossom such as roses, carnations and tulips. Impressive attention to even the most minuscule detail manifesting itself in the drawing and arrangement of tulips, roses and carnations evokes a very carefully cultivated, immaculate formal garden made to create an image of grandeur, magnificence and power.

The field and the border of the rug are sumptuously rich and ornate, yet they are surprisingly refreshing and delightfully easy to behold. The juxtaposition of soft, delicate, extraordinarily beautiful colors and their gradations are of painterly quality. The shimmering hues of blush pink, rose pink, red, burgundy, mint green, aquamarine, cerulean blue and dark azure help create a subtle, delicate palette emphasizing and leading the eyes to the overall harmony of the design. This silk Hereke is a work of art that deploys form and color in most sophisticated fashion to create decisively delicate and easily perceptible beauty.

This extremely finely woven silk rug is from the Hereke town in Northwest Turkey, close to Istanbul, famous for its highly sought-after, fine, palatial silk rugs. The rug is in excellent original condition with full silk pile on silk foundation. It has approximately 500 knots per square inch. It takes two weavers over a year to weave a rug of this size and knot count. Hereke silk rugs are considered to be some of the world's finest because of their top quality Bursa silk, masterfully intricate design and highly skilled craftsmanship.

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