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Fine Vintage Handmade Silk Turkish Kayseri Rug

Fine Vintage Handmade Silk Turkish Kayseri Rug
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  • Dimensions: 7'3'' x 11' (220 x 335 cm)
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An exquisite silk Kayseri medallion rug in a vibrant and subtle color palette with powerful and clearly defined outlines coming together to create a naturally moving scene of flowing stems, undulating flower heads and meandering vines. A marvelous work of craftsmanship, an almost painterly quality in weaving, demonstrating the power of beauty created by attention to detail. The cream field as well as the saturated goldenrod yellow of the border, medallion and spandrels create a lovely, warm background for the powerful hues of peach, turquoise, terra-cotta red as well as more subtle tones of light pink, light blue and fern green.

This extremely finely woven silk rug can bring a sublime, palatial quality to any formal interiors. The shimmering patina and the soft, delicate, velvet-like feel of a handwoven silk rug are truly delightful aspects of this Kayseri that you can cherish for a long time to come.

This splendid rug is 100% silk with approximately 500 knots per square inch. A rug like this takes about one year to make by two highly skilled weavers.

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