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Eastern HANDMADE Patchwork Rug Made from Vintage Village Kilim Rugs

Eastern HANDMADE Patchwork Rug Made from Vintage Village Kilim Rugs
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  • Dimensions: 3'8'' x 5'7'' (110 x 170 cm)
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This listing is for a one of a kind Patchwork rug in your choice of design and color combination, handmade in our atelier located in an ancient rug making village of Central Anatolia.

What is a patchwork rug and how patchwork rugs are made? Explained in 10 steps: 

1- We source vintage hand-knotted oriental rugs and carpets facing extinction by traveling extensively across Turkey 

2- All vintage carpets we acquire are first tumbled for over half and hour and then deep washed professionally to make them as clean as brand new rugs before taking them into our facility for the next steps.

3- After washing we shear the pile of vintage carpets and make them evenly low and suitable for over-dyeing in desired colors. 

4- After washing and shearing, all carpets are re-dyed in desired colors in large dye tanks filled up with hot water and textile dye mix. 

5- Newly over-dyed rugs are hang out to dry naturally in sunlight for couple of days. 

6- We cut the rugs into patches and stitch all four sides of each patch to secure them. 

7- A layout in is created in the size, design and color combination requested using the small patches of over-dyed vintage carpets 

8- Once the final layout is approved by the atelier manager, a team of highly skilled female villagers start stitching the patches to each other by hand which takes several days for each rug and finally a durable cotton twill is sewn on the reverse side for a smooth finish and extra thickness. The finished rug consist of approximately 50% Wool, 50% Cotton. 

9- An up-cycled contemporary floor covering is born now out of diminishing mid-century handmade Turkish carpets. 

Handmade by love and made of 100% organic wool & cotton   

10- We get the rug professionally photographed for most accurate colors and upload the images to our RugSpecialist store for your liking. 

MaterialWool and Cotton

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