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Over-dyed Rugs

Our over-dyed rugs are all hand-knotted vintage pieces that are recreated in our workshop to cater to a wider range of interior design choices from modern to coastal, from industrial to rustic/cottage. These 50 to 70 year-old rugs were hand-knotted with organic sheep’s wool on cotton foundation in Turkey’s southern and central anatolian towns with their designs drawn from a large array of tastes and styles including those of Persian, Ottoman, Central Asian, French Aubusson and Chinese rug-weaving traditions. 

Our desire/goal in up-cycling these vintage rugs is to give them a more contemporary feel all the while maintaining an antiquated, aged look that gives off a sense of sophistication. We travel around Turkey to collect these vintage pieces, that were once very popular items of furnishings in Turkish households. We then bring these rugs to our all-in-one rug workshop in Aksaray in Central Anatolia where we clean, sun-fade, shear and over-dye them. It is a long and meticulous process that takes up months, at the end of which we obtain aesthetically pleasing, versatile and sturdy pieces of floor art.